Caellach Icefire

"Thick armor indicates a lack of skill. If you lack the training to avoid your enemies' blows, perhaps you should leave the fighting to me."


Favorite food: Milksteak
Hobbies: Magnets
Likes: Ghouls (you know, funny little green ghouls, go—little green ghouls, buddy)
Dislikes: Peoples’ knees (Cover your knees up if you’re gonna be walkin around everywhere)
Profession: We’re lawyers


- I’m an elf from the northern forests, and a martial adept of the Sublime Way; long ago, the Temple of the Nine Swords at Tarth Moorda was host to the masters of the Way, with each school forming an order of adepts seeking to master its precepts; the school of the Diamond Mind was uniquely adopted by the elves and the order that was formed guarded the elven kingdoms in addition to studying the school; the elves of this order became the Eternal Blades, as ancient warrior spirits chose them to ascend to prowess previously unimagined; when the Legend of the Nine Swords came to pass and the Temple was destroyed by infighting among the masters of the nine disciplines, the order of eternal blades disappeared and knowledge of the Way was nearly lost to history; as a young elf I was taken on as a pupil by Turin, called Turambar (Master of Doom), one of a skeletal few who still claimed the mantle of Eternal Blade, who was led to me by his blade guide, the ancient elven warrior spirit who chose him to carry on the nearly extinct order; Turin was viewed with respect and a slight awe by our people for the almost mythical nature of his order allegiance, but also with a deal of guarded watchfulness as the Blades had fallen out of favor with the people millennia ago during the Strife, and the long-remembering elves had not completely forgotten the dark times and chaos seemingly brought on by the order in that age; one day, when he was close to death, Turin told me of his long journeys after becoming a Blade in search of other remaining practitioners of the other eight disciplines, how he had found some but failed to find others; the reason he started teaching me to be a swordsage, he said, was that his guide told him I may well be the one who can master the nine disciplines and resurrect the Sublime Way; his last command to me was to go forth and seek those who he had found, as well as those he didn’t, who studied the various schools and learn from them, so that I may one day become a true Master of Nine, find the lost Crown of the

Caellach Icefire

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