The Return

The Gang Misses The Boat

We continued on our journey over the sea, sailing with the pirate crew. It was largely uneventful, though by doing my part to keep the ship running I managed to make several friends among the sailors. Our old friend Slagathor showed up suddenly, and at first it seemed the captain called her a “sea-bitch”, but other than that not much happened until we found the ship we were searching for. Battle commenced, and it was pretty uneventful, straightforward combat—the highlight was definitely when I swung across from our crow’s nest and dropped down onto their ship like a BADASS to obliterate some scrub who thought he was people. After the battle we took the cargo from the ship, but we were caught in a strong and sudden storm. When the ship began to go down, Anamander teleported us out of the wreck to Charlestown, our port city destination. That was by far the saddest thing that’s happened to us on this journey—such a fine ship, drawn down into the depths by the confused machinations of a vengeful and slightly bitchy god. I will miss that boat. After parting ways with the captain, who’s probably going to have a few emotional issues to work through after seeing all of his livelihood and friends and coworkers drown in the depths of the dark sea, we heard screams that led us to a couple of mossy things attacking the town. We managed to dispatch them with relative ease, and once we were done we took stock of our situation.



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